Rosetti grape (kg)

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The Rosetti grape has a large and long bunches. Its color ranges from white to yellow and is characterized by its really sweet flavour.

They are very thin skin grapes and with a thick grain like the Muscatel variety. It has a pale yellow wax tone, uniform size and exquisite flavor.

The berries are large with an elongated elliptical shape. The flesh is consistent with high juiciness.

The Rosetti grape originated in the Middle East and has similarities with the Greek Rosaki, Italian Regina and Dattier of Beirut. Its large clusters averaged over more or less the kilo although some weigh 3 and slightly oval giant grains offer such unique beauty that has been said of them that have brightness with transparencies of precious stones.

It is one of the most aromatic table grapes.

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Alicante (Spain)


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