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All the oranges we offer at Comenaranjas are picked daily at the optimal point of ripening, once picked they are selected thanks to our team of professionals in the sector. The field work does not simply consist of harvesting, but has a great task throughout the year to guarantee the quality we offer our oranges, which is why we give so much care and attention to all the tasks, because finally we have as a result that our clients and customers can enjoy a high quality product.

Around the end of October-beginning of November we start our orange campaign and continue until the end of June. You will always enjoy the true flavor of the Valencia orange.

Our oranges ripen directly on the tree, that is to say, they do not have any post-harvest treatment for their ripening, which means that they retain 100% of their qualities. The fields where we work are located in the south orchard of Valencia, some are just starting to bloom since they have only been planted for 3 years, others have been producing the oranges we offer in Comenaranjas for approximately 20 years.

The difference is noticeable when compared to any orange that can be obtained in many places, because here we send it directly to your door without passing through a million hands before it reaches yours. Our oranges are always top quality.

The true taste of an orange can only be enjoyed freshly picked and we give you the chance. How do we make it possible? We collect our oranges on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so that they arrive at your address within 24 hours of being collected, that is, the oranges are received on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

At Comenaranjas, we have also set ourselves the goal that anyone can enjoy the taste of a freshly picked orange, which is why we have the most competitive prices you can find on the internet.

The trust that our customers place in us makes it possible for us to position ourselves as an electronic business of reference in the world of fruit and vegetables.


We are the third and fourth generation working on the cultivation of our orange fields.

The stories that our grandfather tells us about how they earned a living in the times when they started to undertake are totally interesting, he told us not only that to get to the place where they had to irrigate or where they had to plant it took many hours to get there, but there were even seasons when they had to sleep in cabins in the countryside for days in order for the trip to be practical, something that would seem crazy to us nowadays, these experiences that are more than 70 years ago were the 'beginning of our family tradition for the care and cultivation of oranges and tangerines.

In the times we mention, that is to say, when our great-grandfathers worked the fields, the irrigation was blanket, the mouths open and the water begins to flood the entire field through rows formed by cavallons. Making these cavallons is one of the most demanding tasks in the world of orange cultivation, which is why the expression so common to our grandfather "If I give you a face you will see".

Currently, the irrigation of the great part of the crops is through drip, that is to say that the whole field is full of rubbers that transport the water and supply the necessary amount that each tree needs, these irrigations are usually done about 3 times a week as they simply leave a pool of water. We in some of our fields continue to maintain traditional irrigation, although in others we have implemented automatic irrigation.

As we can see at the present time, you can enjoy freshly picked oranges in Valencia the next day in Galicia, which in previous times was completely unthinkable for this to happen, just think that our grandfather took time to go with the tractor to the nearest field 5 hours.

The application of new technologies in the most rural world (in this case the Internet), means that anyone can enjoy all the natural flavor of freshly harvested fruit and without any type of post-harvest treatment or long seasons in chambers refrigerators

We are observing a change not only in people's food trends but also in the way to get the products, more and more people want to eat quality products and that are not simply made to be industrialized, without thinking about health and in well-being. For this reason, from Comenaranjas we offer our tradition, experience and quality to everyone who wants to enjoy freshly picked oranges.


This year 2023 Comenaranjas celebrates 14 years in e-commerce, positioning itself as one of the websites with the most experience in the sector, acquiring more and more satisfied customers every day with all the interest, motivation and experience we put into it.

During these 10 years we have perfected not only our delivery times (which are 24 hours from the time they leave our warehouse) but we have perfected all the logistics for the correct shipment of our products. We achieve this thanks to the feedback our customers give us thanks to our customer service who is available to advise, troubleshoot or for anything you need, we are always behind everything, this is not placing an order and forgetting, if not that we dedicate ourselves body and soul to guarantee the quality of the product, the trust and the comfort of the customer.

In addition to the extensive experience in the world of oranges. we have also treated for more than 20 years all kinds of fruits and vegetables thanks to our old place in MercaValencia, all this experience would be worth nothing without the most important point, since orders were made the day before the products are completely fresh.

Guaranteeing quality products and in such a short period of time, makes more and more people join the bandwagon of buying oranges and, in general, fruits and vegetables online.


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