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oranges from valencia

In Comenaranjas you can buy top quality citrus. We are dedicated to the cultivation and direct sale of oranges and clementine from Valencia. Buying gourmet Valencia orange at the best price has never been easier. We send it directly from the tree to your house, without intermediaries.

Citrus sale of natural orange and clementine from Spain

You can buy the best Valencia oranges fruit for consumption as table or juice at an incredible price. Our fresh fruits are carefully selected from the best orchards, picked at their optimum ripeness point to provide all the freshness and flavour of this excellent sun-ripened citrus.

You can purchase 24 hours a day on our online shop. We are heirs to a long family tradition in the citrus industry of production and marketing for over 3 generations.

Fruits, vegetables and seasonal craftsfresh fruit and vegetables from spain

We offer natural products from the orchard. Collected at their optimum ripeness point with the traditional techniques and grown in our own orchard or in carefully selected one's of famers which work with us ensuring the freshness and quality of each product.
Enjoy seasonal fruit and vegetables at the best price, try the exquisite flavour of the Spanish orchard directly in your house, we collect it especially for you assuring the best conditions and quality in our deliveries.

Our customers get in return real money after each order as they accumulate unlimited discount points being able to generate coupons up to 5 €. Can you imagine at what prices you can buy our products?. Our goal is to serve the highest quality fruit available and therefore we work with freshly picked fruit from our orchard. We work with the best varieties available each month offering to our customers freshly picked oranges exclusively from the Navel group and clementines of extra quality from the best existing varieties sun-ripened naturally, free of all artificial process and post-harvest treatment, thereby ensuring our customers a truly natural and fresh fruit, with its aroma, sweetness and palate. We offer also daily fresh fruits and vegetables that we bring to our physical and online store. This capability of work allows us to offer superior quality in all our products at a very attractive price.


Enjoy the best natural fruit from Spain and the famous oranges from Valencia

Our orchards are located in Picaña and Torrente, small towns belonging to the south of Valencia, a well know area of Spain due to its tradition in the citrus sector. We deliver to many European countries by air or land transport allowing you to receive your orders of fresh fruit in 2-3 days from departure. In comenaranjas we have been farmers for more than 3 generations and we are born surrounded by this orchards of our beloved citrus fruit.


The taste and flavour of natural fruit direct from the orchard can't be compared to what we can find nowadays in the global markets around the world. If you, like us, enjoy natural fruit try our boxes and you will join a community of thousands of happy customers that trust in us for their weekly orders of fruits and vegetables. We invite you to taste the authentic flavour or the clementine with leaf and the Navel oranges.

Why choose us?

- Natural fruit from Valencia
- No post-harvest residue
- Naturally sun-ripened
- Direct from the orchard
- Best price on the net

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