Red Beauty plum (kg)

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Red Beauty plum is an early variety, which initiates the market. It is juicy, has a red skin with yellow flesh and a mild sweet and sour taste.
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2,64 €
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It is a red variety that originated in the Japanese plum. It is a rounded fruit moderately heavy calibre despite being an early variety. The skin is dark red (wine colour) depending on the degree of ripening. Its flesh is yellow, firm and sweet and with a good sour taste. This variety is common in the area of Ribera Alta in the Community of Valencia (Spain) as it requires warm weather.

If the Red Beauty plum is very green you can keep it at room temperature for ripening and then in the refrigerator. Note that this is a very perishable fruit so cold conservation is essential once ripe.

Thursday, 05 May 2016
muy buenas aunque caras ahora por ser de fuera, esperaremos a que sean locales
Cesar Cainzos
South Africa


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