Yellow Sungold plum (kg)

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Yellow Sungold plum is large and stands out for its juiciness and sweetness. Its skin is thin and easy to peel.
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2,00 €
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The variety of Japanese origin "Sungold" we offer is large fruit, very aromatic and tasty. The skin takes on different shades according to their state of ripening reaching a red and orange colour in fully ripening state.

It is a very soft and sweet yellow plum which has a golden yellow hue that changes turning red at the top when full ripe. It has a rounded shape ending in tip, similar to a diamond. These plums are grown in many parts of the world, in Spain especially in the area of Aragon and Lleida.

It is eaten fresh as a dessert as it is very juicy and sweet but also used in baking or to make jams.

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