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The kumato tomato or black tomato differs from other varieties by its almost black dark green colour, a sweet, intense flavour and a rounded shape.

It is a tomato that differs from others first because of its dark green colour almost black. Its flavour is sweeter than the traditional tomato because it has higher fructose content than these classics. It has a slightly acidic touch that gives an intense flavour to the palate. The size of the Kumato tomato is comparable to that of a plum and its texture is firm and juicy.

They are perfect for salads as they ripen crisply from the inside. Besides giving it a sweet taste will give an attractive appearance to the plate. It is highly recommended along with the avocado giving an exotic touch to the salad. You can simply eat it with oil and salt, in salad as mentioned or by replacing any other tomato in multiple recipes.

Its optimum point ripeness is reached when the Kumato adopts a reddish brown tone and green shades around the stem.

Its nutritional characteristics are very similar to the rest of tomatoes except in the content in simple sugars that is superior in these black tomatoes, hence its intense sweet flavor.


The tomato Kumato seed under strict control

It is a cultivated tomato that arises from the research and mixing of different varieties using natural and traditional methods and therefore is not considered a transgenic tomato. At least this is what the official source tells us.

It was launched in 2003 first in the UK where it was widely accepted and in Spain it has been marketed since 2004 where its cultivation is mainly focused on Murcia and Andalusia. Today it can be found in many other countries.

Kumato tomato is grown by specially selected farmers in countries such as Australia, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Greece, etc. Since its seed belongs to the company Syngenta that has it in exclusivity and does not put the seeds for sale of the general public. The company has already mentioned on several occasions that it is an exclusive black tomato and will not sell it to the general public.

The planting of its seeds requires a rigorous selection process by the company and its participation is only by invitation.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016
el negro ya se sabe que dulce y para todo sirve, nosotros lo usamos hasta en ensalada
Pedro García del Campo
Andalucía (Spain)
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