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Daniela tomato is an intense, juicy and large caliber red colour tomato. Widely used for grating and they can be preserved for long time.

It is a variety of ripened tomato with heart shape that stands out for its tempting red color, good size and especially known for its long life. It is the usual fruit in supermarkets and fruit shops though to handle the transport well and to last as long as possible.

In 1986 the company Hazera launched tomato Daniela, the world's first long-live tomato (L.S.L - Long shelf life tomato). It is a sturdy tomato that stays firm longer.

Since its launch, it has enjoyed success, being able to be exported from Israel, its country of origin to other parts of the world. It owes much of its success thanks to the firmness and conservation of tomato Daniela in pre and post-harvest and the fact that it is a variety that adapts to different types of soils and climates as well as to the strength of the plant. Farmers have achieved much better results with Daniela tomato compared to other similar varieties, raising this tomato to a privileged situation in the markets and fruit shops around the world.

Nowadays Daniela is still a reference in tomatoes of long life for producers and marketers.

Monday, 02 June 2014
Con unos trozos de cebolla y unas gotas de aceite de oliva, riquísimo!
Wednesday, 16 April 2014
muy sabrosoy jugoso en la ensalada!
alex sala sarra
Andalucía (Spain)
Murcia (Spain)


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