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Cherry tomato is the name given due to its similarity in size, colour and sweet flavour with cherries. Is less acid and sweeter than the common tomatoes.
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This variety of tomatoes is usually consumed raw throughout the year.

The Cherry tomato is intense red in colour with a diameter of between 1 and 3 centimetres. It is a low calorie food because of its high water content. They are a good source of minerals, vitamins and fiber. It is its content in vitamin C, E and carotene which makes it an anti-oxidant food.

In addition to its sweet taste, they are a nice decoration for any dish because of its colourful colour. A simple and yet nutritious way to decorate a salad.

These tomatoes are characterized by their intense flavour and aroma. There are varieties of green, red and yellow cherry tomatoes with different shapes and sizes but if something shared by all these subtypes or varieties is the small size of the Cherries tomatoes, its juiciness and its exquisite sweet taste.


The mysterious origin of Cherry Tomato

In Israel say that they invented the Cherry although this is more than doubtful and much discussed by some experts because it is believed that Cherry tomato is the father of the traditional tomatoes and there is evidence of its existence before 1948. It is true that the Israelites have developed some Commercial varieties but most have been developed elsewhere.

Without going further the Santorini variety of Greece that to this day has hardly undergone modifications and this was introduced in Greece in 1818 and the first signs of its cultivation transfer us to the year 1875. In turn it is believed that the Santorini was brought of Egypt so the Egyptians could equally claim the origin of the fruit.

The more official history tells us that we must go back to the Aztec Mexico of the XV century to find the origin of the fruit and that the first tomatoes planted in Europe were yellow Cherries in the sixteenth century.

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