Sungold Zespri kiwi (kg)

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The Sungold Zespri kiwi has a yellow and golden flesh and a soft skin. It has a very sweet flavour with a tropical flair. It contains a lot of vitamin C.
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9,61 €
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This kiwi has a unique flavour that surprises because it is really sweet and gains in sweetness as it ripens. It has a creamy texture which makes it ideal for making very healthy desserts.

It can be used to fill a cake in cream or custard being a good substitute for milk skin. It can be used also in many dishes such as salads or to make creamed vegetables with kiwi.


Improved and sweeter version of green kiwi

Like his father the Sungold Zespri kiwi is an excellent source of potassium, fibre and folate. This golden fruit pulp has lots of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients very beneficial to health. It is especially remarkable its contribution in vitamin C because, as happens in its green variety, contains 3 times more vitamin C than oranges and lemons.

The Sungold come from New Zealand, Italy or France depending on the time of the season.

If we want to extend the storage we can keep it in the fridge which slows down the ripening process but if our goal is to make it ripe faster we can put it in a paper bag at room temperature along with other fruits such as oranges, pears or apples. These Sungold Zespri kiwis are the crown jewel of the company standing as one of the consumer favourite gourmet fruits due to its sweet and intense taste and the number of benefits for our health.

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