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The Ercolini or Coscia pear is characterized by its sweet flavour and by its juiciness and fragrance. In Spain highlights the Jumilla pear.

Its size is medium cone-shaped and regular. The skin is smooth, thin, light green or yellow and a red hue on the side where it has received direct sunlight. Its pulp is white, juicy and sweet flavor.

This variety of pear is also known as Coscia. 

In Spain the Ercolini pear is grown in different places such as Aragon, Castilla y Leon, Extremadura and Catalonia among others but highlights the pear of Jumilla in Murcia which has denomination of origin.


History and origin of the Jumilla Pear

It is a pear known since 1800 and of Italian origin. It is believed that their cultivation could begin in the sixteenth century but in the twentieth century is where it highlights the quality and the special care with which this fruit has among other varieties concerned.

This Ercolini pear has earned the designation of origin of Jumilla pear highlighting it as an extra category pear reaffirming the quality of this variety. 

Importantly, the city of Jumilla is the area of ​​greatest cultivation of this variety of pear at European level.


Characteristics, cultivation and harvesting of the pear Ercolini

It presents in skin yellow or greenish hues with a characteristic reddish stain on his face exposed to the sun. Its flesh is white and juicy with a high level of fragrance and sweetness.

Cultivation of Jumilla pear refers to the peculiar warm climate with cold winters clarifying about 480 meters above sea level. In spring there is hardly any rain or ice favouring flowering and the subsequent growth of the fruit.

These pears need lots of water and to be an area of ​​low rainfall have traditional drip irrigation showing concern for the environment and control of the water used.

These trees are pruning and fruit thinning manual with the aim of achieving balance between vegetation, fruit production and exposure to sunlight for optimal ripeness of the pear. This assures that a sweet and good sized pear is obtained.

This pear can only be sold fresh and natural without any processing as indicated by the regulatory council of terroir.

Monday, 14 November 2016
las otras que tenéis son más baratas ahi coincido con las opiniones pero esta le da mil vueltas si eres exquisito como yo y eso que las conferencia están de vicio
Encarnación Consuegra Funes
Thursday, 05 May 2016
son incluso más caras aquí pero es una pera super dulce como ponéis pero las otras 2 me compensan más, la calidad se paga y volveremos a comprarla.
Dolores Tomás del Toro
Wednesday, 04 May 2016
Me gusta mucho, la calidad se paga, quien sabe de fruta sabe que no es barata pero merce la pena. Si las de fuera ya son buenas esperando ansiona las de aquí.
Gemma Minas Cordero


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