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The Alexandrine pear fruit has an elongated shape, i sweet and mild flavour. Its white flesh is delicate, juicy and tender.
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1,91 €
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The fruit is medium in size and can be thicker as a result of a great harvest, piriform, elongated and irregular contour. Bulb at the base with diluted at the top as a pentagon.

The skin is thin, smooth, yellowish-green colour and dotted with fine red tones which acquires a pink tone in the sunny areas where is cultivated.

The flesh is yellowish-white, good firmness, sugar and good taste quality.

The tree of the Alexandrine variety is characterized by thick branches, high fertility and abundant leaves that protect the fruit from the wind.


History and origin of the Alexandrine pear

Fruit obtained by the architect and amateur horticulturist Constant Douillard in Nantes (France) and first produced in 1849. It gave the name of his wife Alexandrine. The pear was not marketed until 1852.

It is also known as Alexandrine Douillard pear or Douillard pear directly.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016
muy ricas estas peras, no las conocía pero me han encantado.
Alvaro de Posadas
Sunday, 09 February 2014
Son tan feas como buenas! me gustán mas que las conferencia.
Virginia Yoldi
Aragon (Spain)


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