Bunch of 3 tender onions

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The bunch of 3 tender onions has a soft taste that makes it attractive to palates and more delicate stomachs. The chive is a different variety.
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1,56 €
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Tender onion is also known as green or fresh onion. Its flavor is smoother and less spicy than that of dried onion. Depending on the variety they may be white, yellow or purple. The bunch of 3 young onions should be kept refrigerated given their freshness and the leaves will serve to make soups and broths. They can also be included in salads. We can aromatize fish and meat with this onions also.

Chives are very similar in aroma and flavour but do not form bulbs.

The tender onion is used in soups, broths, stews, also used for sauces in salda and with them they give them aroma of meats and sins. The bunch of 3 onions tender is the ideal to include in salads to be sweeter and less spicy than the rest of the varieties.
Wednesday, 04 May 2016
por fin veo algo que pone tierno y de verdad es tierno, de las mejores hortalizas de la web y la atención por teléfono genial.
francisco corrales
Monday, 02 June 2014
Muy buenas y además al cortarlas no irritan los ojos


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