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Vine tomato comes in the cluster as a smaller type of tomato with an orange-red colour, It is very juicy and has a medium to thick skin.
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6,50 €
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It is used mainly to be smeared in bread with a pinch of salt and oil although it is equally valid and very appetizing raw in salads. The tomato in branch has an intense flavour and a pulp that is easily undone.

They are very regular spherical tomatoes, with fine skin and very juicy pulp. Its size is inferior to the one of the majority of tomatoes but bigger than the cherries. They appear in the form of a corsage or cluster and have a red colour that tends to orange.

They are suitable for spreading over pastas such as pizzas or to make tomato sauces because having less water than other tomatoes these do not wet the dishes. They are also highly recommended for baking or grilling.

When talking about vine tomatoes we cannot define it as a variety, but rather a form of presentation that preserves the excellent properties of the tomato. Its presentation with the cluster makes it easily differentiable in the market compared to other tomatoes.

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