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Valencian tomato is very meaty, contains very little seeds, thin skin, low acidity and therefore has a very sweet taste in your mouth.
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This recognized fruit has become part of the delicatessen sections of the markets being a fruit free of phytosanitary treatments in the harvest. The Valencian tomato is grown in a privileged microclimate in the natural park of the Albufera in Valencia. Another ingredient of the great flavour of this tomato are the salty waters that irrigate the crops, this make it a food of recognized fame.


The Valencian tomato from the Perelló (Valencia - Spain)

It was cultivated in its origin on the sand, at the foot of the dunes that protected the fruit of the wind and watered with the saline waters that came from the Albufera. It did not have an easy start in our locality because it wanted to compete against other varieties of high production advancing harvests and its process was accelerated, something that was proved unviable in this type of tomatoes but the persistence of the farmers and investigators did not stop and realized that they had to keep the natural process to obtain a quality Gourmet tomato of season worthy of a care and traditional culture.

The Valencian tomato is forged between sand and sea which gives it a unique flavour. This tomato is cultivated with alternation of crops so that the soil does not lose fertility. The Centre for Scientific Research (CSIC) collaborated in improving the production techniques of this tomato, giving it a natural method to disinfect the soil. Basically they irrigate the fields to blanket and are covered with a plastic which causes a doughy ground that does not need to apply disinfectants to the soil.

The Valencian tomato of the Perelló is a fight against multinationals that faces these with the commitment of the farmers to obtain a natural and traditional tomato with a single application of soft phytosanitary.

Seeds are selected each year and are prepared on a community site where some predatory insects are inoculated and subsequently control the pest of worms. Traditional greenhouses protect the tomato and a swarm of bumblebees takes care of the fertilization. The result is a tomato worthy of the natural surroundings of the park of the Albufera.

Sunday, 08 March 2015
Iñaki Molina


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