Tomatoes dried in EVOO (220 g)

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Tomatoes dried in extra virgin olive oil are an ideal delight to accompany meat dishes, salads, pastas and many other dishes.
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The dried tomato is produced through a process of drying in the sun made in ripe tomatoes until these mermen losing their interior humidity.

In this process, the tomato loses almost 90% of its initial weight and this decrease in volume makes it intensify its flavour.

This product is elaborated with a selection of tomato of first quality and conserved in extra virgin olive oil of high range in the Region of "La Sierra de Gata" in Extremadura (Spain).

This type of tomatoes can be kept in good condition and therefore edible for long periods of time.

The uses of these tomatoes are multiple as it is a very common food in Mediterranean cuisine and can be used as a garnish of roasts, to flavour salads or simply sandwich and toast as an appetizer.

They are very rich also with anchovy fillets on toasts with octopus with tomato or risotto.

On the internet you will find many recipes and ideas on where to take advantage of the delicious taste of this delicacy.

Sunday, 05 February 2017
lo añadí a la cesta con las naranjas y que pena que solo pusimos un bote porque ha durado nada y menos con la familia.
Itziar Gainz.
Tuesday, 31 January 2017
los tomates así son un placer y el aceite les da un toque fantastico,
Merche Eizmendi


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