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Orange blossom honey is usually light amber, with a mild taste to the palate and perfumed by citrus, is very consistent with a high degree of conservation.
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8,64 €
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This honey is obtained from the citrus flowers, mainly orange and lemon.

It has a light amber colour but not as light as the Romero's honey. Its flavour is soft but more intense than in the Romero. Its aroma gives off a smell of flowers, dense and permanent, intense but not strong, that is, of medium persistence.

It is harvested at the beginning of May in the Murcia terms of Archena, Ceutí and Molina de Segura, where lemon, mandarins and orange trees abound almost equally.

For people who prefer to enjoy it more liquid form it can be heated making sure it does not exceed 40 degrees, this way we will obtain a honey that is clearer and easier to spread.

Among its properties, along with the rest of the honeys include:

  • It is ideal for calming the cough, even more accompanied by a natural citrus juice.
  • Excellent natural antibacterial agent.
  • Protects against free radical damage.

However, if for some reason this honey stands out from the rest is due to its sedative and relaxing properties as revealed recent studies at the University of Valencia (Spain). It is therefore suitable for treating insomnia, anxiety, stress and so on.

We could say that it is a honey with calming effect for nervous people or in times of stress, and best of all is that it is delicious!.

Thursday, 10 April 2014
esta buenisima, de precio genial y con gran sabor. yo no uso otra miel ya.
Wednesday, 09 April 2014
Miel de gran calidad, muy suave!!
Valencia (Spain)


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