Purple President plum (kg)

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The purple President plum is fleshy, firm and sweet. They are dark in colour with bluish tones that stand out for their large size and sweet taste.
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3,03 €
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Plum cultivated by Thomas Rivers in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire (United Kingdom) and introduced in 1901. It received the RHS Award of Merit in 1895 and a first class certificate in 1905. The good preserving qualities have made it a variety of commercial success in Europe and America.

Its smooth skin has a purple hue and its flesh is greenish yellow. It is an oval purple plum noted for its large size and juiciness. It is very sweet and ideal for dessert.

These plums President have many beneficial properties for our body as they strengthen the processes of removing toxins from our system to strengthen our body against infectious agents.

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