Green Hayward italian kiwi (kg)

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Green Hayward Italian kiwi is a big fruit with intense green pulp characterized by a sweet and very refreshing flavour. Italy is the European market leader.

This variety is the father of the most famous kiwis (Zespri) but is also produced in many countries worldwide. It's no wonder that Italy, current leader in the European market of kiwi give us this variety with large calibre.

This Italian kiwi has a good taste, is sweet and aromatic and comes from the second producer in the world's raking.


Italy is a leading country in the production of top quality kiwis

In the early 80s the Hayward kiwis acquired great importance in the field of Italian fruit, both in terms of quantity and quality. With 40 years of experience in the production and improvement of this fruit it is produced today in areas using appropriate agronomic techniques able to guarantee optimum fruit production.

Italy is the second world producer of kiwi after China. In recent years, commercial production has reached 460,000 tons but sometimes has exceeded 510,000 tons, highlighting its great potential for production. Italy exports most of its production to foreign markets, especially the countries of the European Union, which continue to import almost 80% of Italian Hayward kiwi.

The main production region is Lazio, with almost 8,000 hectares (30% of the national area), followed by Piedmont, with over 5,000 hectares (20% of the national area), Emilia-Romagna with 16% and Veneto with 15%.

It is therefore not surprising that from Italian lands they provide us with high quality kiwis and great taste that has nothing to envy the famous and also available in our shop, Zespri.


Conservation, consumption and other curiosities of kiwis

The kiwi can be kept in perfect condition even 2 weeks after buying it. To prevent excess ripe remember to keep it separate from other types of fruit. Only with keeping the kiwi at room temperature this will ripen in a few days but if you want to speed up this process you can put it in a paper bag with a ripe fruit since the latter has ethylene and will accelerate the ripening of kiwi.

There are many ways to consume a kiwi. Typically cut in half and eat with a spoon fresh. You can also peel and cut into chunks or slices, very common for easy consumption in children. The kiwi also can be used in salads, pies or added to yogurt. It is a fruit that is part of various main dishes, appetizers and desserts. Kiwi skin is edible and therefore can be eaten entire.

This skin contains more fibre; you can remove fine hair posing with a brush. Remember to wash the skin before consuming full kiwi, a standard practice that should apply in any other fruit.

Kiwi can freeze without problem to preserve it for a long period of time and then use it to a liquefied, dessert or many dishes.

Tuesday, 02 December 2014
Ricos y a buen precio
Thursday, 10 April 2014
sabrosos, no estan duros
javier romero
Thursday, 21 November 2013
riquísimos y de la marca que usualmente suelo comprar en cualquier supermercado o frutería, pero aquí se nota más fresco, y por lo tanto aún mejor sabor!
David Alonso Gonzalez


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