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The sweet onion has a soft taste with tender and succulent inner layers, without leaving the classic taste onions leave once ingested.
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2,40 €
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The sweet onion has a thick stem, rounded by the root and is slightly elongated towards the neck. It has a white-straw coloration and the inner skin is white and fleshy.

Sweet onions have more water content than other onions and therefore are tenderer to eat and soft to the palate, are preferably consumed fresh although they are the most versatile in the kitchen and certainly the best to fry. It has thin layers so it is highly recommended to cut into thin hoops.

This type of onion just itches, its flavour is smooth without losing succulence in its layers since once ingested they do not leave the taste so bitter in the mouth.

It has digestive properties that lack other types of onions. Its composition in sulphur complexes is much inferior in this type of onions in comparison with the common ones and this avoids the itching in the mouth, the classic tearing and unpleasant regrets that can provoke a digestive discomfort. Therefore considering all this aspects, sweet onions are highly recommended for consumption in raw.
Friday, 06 February 2015
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David Alonso Gonzalez


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