Golden grain onion (kg)

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The gold grain onion has a good conservation and is easily recognised due to the yellow tone copper on the outside. Its flesh is white and sweet.
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1,55 €
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It is an spherical onion typical of our region and with many layers of skin that protect it and maintain its qualities turning it into an exquisite sweet onion.

It has an excellent colour and good quality of firm bulbs that guarantee the quality of this onion Gold grain also has a very good post-harvest resistance.

We name it a long day onion which means it creates bulbs with 14 hours or more of light. They are also known as late or guard onions for their high level of conservation as they are widely used for storage and subsequent export.

It is given this name by the intense copper colour that presents in its outer layers. In the interior it is white like the common varieties but it stands out for its sweet flavour.

Friday, 16 December 2016
siempre compraba la dulce que está muy buena pero ahora que he probado esta no tiene nada que envidiarle y el precio es un plus. Se nota fresca y buena.
Arantxa Askasibar


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