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The sweet potato is a vegetable that has more vitamins than common potatoes. It is also a low-fat food with lots of vitamin E.
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In Spain is known with different names such as "batata", "patata dulce" or "boniaton" among others. In parts of North America is called a "yam". There are different varieties of white or reddish flesh, yellow or white skin and even violet.
The sweet potatoes are consumed roasted, cooked, fried, boiled, in creams or soups but always with a previous cooking due to the strong texture it contains.

It is widely used as a substitute for the potato and this fact already shows us the multitude of dishes in which we can use these sweet potatoes.
You will find many recipes in your favourite cookbooks or in the almighty google.

In our greengrocer we usually have different varieties of sweet potatoes such as Californian and other white, we include all of them within a single product since we usually change these and we always put the best pieces we have of the day.


History and origin of the sweet potato

The sweet potato is believed to originate in the tropics of South America or Central America.
This tuber has been cultivated for more than 8000 years in the region that we now know as Peru. Pre-Columbian ceramics and root remains have been found in some tombs.

Christopher Columbus was in charge of bringing it to Europe in the late fifteenth century where we currently find the largest producer of the species in Europe located in Vélez-Málaga, a municipality in the province of Málaga (Spain).

The world's largest producer is China that grows about 80% of the world's production and other countries like Indonesia, Uganda or Nigeria also stand out in this matter.


Properties and benefits of sweet potatoes

This "sweet potato" is delicious and we recommend you to try it if you have not already done since cooked it offers a unique flavour.

  • The large amount of vitamin E it contains improves the skin and the health of the heart.
  • It is rich in essential antioxidants and minerals.
  • It is a source rich in potassium and iron, ideal to reduce the risk of infections, provide energy and highly recommended for vegetarians.
  • Very recommended for pregnant women because consuming it helps in the correct formation of the fetus.
  • In addition to Vitamin E contains vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B5 and B6.

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