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Ground saffron f great purity and quality that stands out for its exquisite colour, aroma and flavour in paellas, rice, fish, meats, pastas and soups.
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2,72 €
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This saffron is presented in a box containing 4 envelopes.

To make your dishes even more delicious you can use it in the following way to obtain the best aroma, colour and flavour:

  • Mix it in the mortar with a pinch of salt.
  • Add the food in the mortar at the time of boiling.

Saffron is not only related to the most famous dishes of Spanish cuisine (paella, rice, etc.) but also is able to combine in harmony with any dish, whether traditional or new cuisine, giving that touch of colour and unique aroma.

The envelopes of this 100% natural saffron only contain the ground stigmas of the saffron flower as opposed to the artificial colours that are sold in small and large markets that only stain the paella without giving any flavour.

With a single envelope of this genuine saffron for paella we have enough for a paella of 4 or 5 people.

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