Plancheta bean (kg)

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The plancheta bean is medium in size with a kidney shape, short and crushed. It is one of the best legumes coming from Spain.
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5,72 €
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Plancheta is a white bean medium to small kidney shaped, short and crushed.

This ivory white bean is undoubtedly one of the best in our country. It contains a very creamy texture and unique taste in a fine skin. The best attributes for the queen of white beans.

The plancheta bean is produced mainly in the Ribera del Tormes, 10 km from Salamanca in Spain where top quality legumes are produced each year.

The ivory white hue may take on a brown beige after being cooked. They are of small size. The texture is very creamy and the flavour combines the delicacy of the substance being really unique.

It is widely used in typical dishes of Castilian cuisine in the centre and north of Spain.

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