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There is no difference in origin and quality as they come from the same trees. We select them by their size and skin. The better presence is catalogued as "table" and the rest as "juice".

Most of the varieties of the navel group are valid both for table and juice oranges.


It is not necessary to preserve them in the refrigerator, they can be kept at room temperature perfectly. Please remember to avoid hot spots (near radiators, stoves, or sunny areas).

Upon receiving the box is very important to separate them in two or three ventilated locations as fresh as possible, this way they will be kept in better conditions and last longer.

Being freshly harvested oranges they can last 10 days or more without problems.


The number of boxes that appears at the time of placing the order is an estimate for our team and in no case is definitive nor affects the price of the order.

It is NOT possible to modify the packages to the customer's desire, since the profit margin of the company depends of this aspect.

As a general rule the weight is divided into boxes of 15 kg and it is not possible to change it to boxes of 5 kg or 10 kg as this would mean an excessive increase of boxes which in turn entails an increase in the cost of the product and the weight for the transport that directly influences our cost.

Days of delivery, transit time and transport-related questions.

  • Andorra
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Holland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal
  • Spain (including Balearic Islands)
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • Vatican City

Check shipping costs per zone.


International (Portugal, Andorra, zone 1 - 2) and Balearic Islands

Orders for Balearic islands and international are send from Valencia (Spain) each Monday evening with freshly picked fruit, they arrive to destination in 2-3 days.

Spain main area

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we harvest and ship fresh fruit.

Orders made before 10 am approximately in harvest days are shipped in the next delivery date in less than 48 hours by urgent transport (less than 24 hours if there is no incidence), once the fruit is harvested and always when the climate conditions allows it.

Therefore you will receive your order in less than 48 hours from shipment day.


You can track your shipment in the top menu "My Account". Here you will find a box on the left side where you can enter your order number to see the shipping status of the order.

If you just placed the order you will see it in "My account" and will NOT appear in the tracking until the transport agency records the daily goods the same late night of the shipment. Occasionally it may appear the following morning if the picking of merchandise in our greengrocer is delayed.

Please remember international orders are processed each Monday late evening and tracking can take up to 2 days to appear in the website.


Tracking international shipments:

Use the same procedure and in the new window that opens with Zeleris tracking you will find an identifier below called DHL tracking, you can copy and paste that code into the DHL tracking website:


Order details, payment methods etc.


The order can be done by phone or via our online shop.

For telephone orders you may call one of the following numbers (+34) 608 800 337.

You can also send an email to info@comenaranjas.com with your order.

If you are our customer already (Registered):

Tell us your name or username, the product you want. Phone or mail orders have to be pay by bank transfer.

We CAN'T accept card details by phone or make the PayPal or credit card orders for you due to privacy law restrictions.

If you are NOT our customer yet (New Customers):

We need the following details: Name, address, Zip code, City or State, mobile or phone number, product-quantity (bank transfer payment).


In Comenaranjas we currently have five payment methods: Card payment, PayPal, Cash on delivery, bank transfer and online banking transfer.

We recommend payment by card or PayPal for being easy both for you as customer as for us to immediately receive and prepare your order.

Card Payment

If you choose this payment method you will be redirected to our "SERMEPA" TPV payment where you can use your credit card to pay in a secure environment.

If your card is not accepted you may use PayPal to pay by this method also.


The most common and secure payment on the net.

Bank Transfer

You may pay us to the following account:

Bank: SabadellCAM
Bank holder: Simpatía Agraria, S.L.

IBAN: ES17 0075 1329 1906 0004 4568



Please indicate your Name and last name as well as the order number so we can proceed as soon as possible to the shipment of your order.

Online Banking Transfer

Online banking transfer from Sofort Banking. An easy way to make transfers without having to go to the bank, without registering and without commissions for you. You only need your details to make online transactions which your bank will provide.

Cash on delivery (only to Spain)

Payment by hand to the transport. Please remember to have the exact amount of money for your order. This payment method has a fee of 2 € per order.


If you want to recieve your order each X days please contact us with the details at info@comenaranjas.com


Our system sends an invoice upon delivered order, please check your SPAM folder. If you don't receive it please contact us and we will send it by email to you.


When you introduce your card details is your bank who accepts or denies the payment, our system will send you a message whether your order is changed to confirmed (payment completed) or cancelled (payment rejected). It may occur that you don't receive any message and your order and payment remains pending.

If your order is pending or cancelled it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Digits introduced were incorrect.
  2. Code introduced was incorrect.
  3. Your cart is not enabled to purchase online (please contact your bank).
  4. You lost internet connection at the process of payment or experience technical difficulties with your pc.

If none of these solve the problem please contact us and we will try to help you.

Description and help for exclusive reward point system used in comenaranjas.com



Comenaranjas.com rewards his customer with a unique points system for discounts.

You accumulate points for the monetary value of your orders which you exchange for discount coupons.

The more you spend with us the more we give you back in points.

1 - You place an order in Comenaranjas.

2 - We change the order status to shipped and you earn points corresponding to the total of your order.

3 - You can now keep earning points or manage the ones you have from the top menu "My points".


1- Per order

We reward each order with discount points regardless of quantity but points are related to total so if you spend more we give you back more points.

2 - Per the referral system

You can recommend the website to your friends and for each one who registers and places an order you will get discount points for the first purchase of the referred (your friend).

Your friend at the same time will obtain the usual points corresponding to the order as soon as we mark it as shipped.

3 - For specific promotions.

We may make some promotions that give you discount points. If this is the case, we will report on future news and newsletters.

Points Value
Points Value
2 0,25 € 22 2,75 €
4 0,50 € 24 3,00 €
6 0,75 € 26 3,25 €
8 1,00 € 28 3,50 €
10 1,25 € 30 3,75 €
12 1,50 € 32 4,00 €
14 1,75 € 34 4,25 €
16 2,00 € 36 4,50 €
18 2,25 € 38 4,75 €
20 2,50 € 40 5,00 €

To redeem points please go to top menu "My points" and click "Reward Payout (Request)".

You can also redeem points directly from the left module that shows your current unclaimed points.

You can redeem up to a maximum of 40 (coupon value for 5 €) but you can generate as many coupons as you want!

you win points without any limit!.

IMPORTANT: You must have a minimum of 2 points to redeem so that the button that allow this action appear.

The system exchanges the maximum of possible points automatically in blocks of 2 points keeping the decimals that continue to sum up points to your account.


The discount code will be sent to you by email and you can also see it in "My Coupons" in the top menu "My Points".

This page called "Payment History" will show you the history of your used and active coupons with this new system.

You can do copy/paste on your discount code into the checkout page.


Credit History (Change Points) is the main page where you can manage your points and change them to coupons.

If you have 2 points or more, the "Reward (Request)" button will appear and create a discount coupon.

Total Points: The number of total points you have accumulated since this new system is used.

Points claimed: these are the points you have already redeemed.

Unclaimed Points: These are your current points and the one's to check since the other 2 mentioned are mainly historical data.

As you can see this system shows us the historical data of all our actions in the reward point system so that you can check it.


Payment history (My coupons) shows all the coupons created in the new points system showing the most recent ones at the top.

The points system shows a history of all our actions so that you can check all your actions.

The coupons are for single use but you will see old ones already used so you can keep track of your actions in the system.


In the new reward point system you will find the "Invitation" tab where you can send emails to whoever you want to recommend our website and benefit from it.

This system will send an email that includes a link and an optional personal message.

If your friend registers following the link of the email and makes an order you will get 8 points for this first order of your friend and in turn the referred (your friend) will earn discount points for the order placed.

The "Referrals" tab shows these friends who have registered and purchased following a link you have sent via email.

  • This point system is exclusive for registered users in Comenaranjas.com.
  • Points are generated when we mark your order as shipped. The ones based in the subtotal of the order are rounded to the nearest minimum value (in order to avoid decimals).
  • The coupon is deducted from the subtotal keeping the shipping and handling costs intact. If you use a higher value coupon to the order total will get a message warning you that if you use this coupon on that purchase will reduce the cost of the product to 0 paying only the postage but you will lose the difference in the coupon that has more value than the total of purchase. .
  • If an order gets cancelled points are restored to the previous state before ordering.
  • There will be no management by telephone concerning points, except questions and help regarding the same.

Comenaranjas reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without notice.


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