Baby clementine (kg)

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Baby mandarin clementine in small calibre. All the quality and taste of the best clementine from the spanish orchard in mini format.

These little treats were introduced in comenaranjas as a temporary offer in the campaign of 2013. Such was its acceptance that went from being a temporal offer to a fixed product in our shop and one of the most appreciated by our customers.

The availability of baby clementine depends on several factors among which are the facts that the variety available has this calibre in sufficient quantity to be sold on the web. There are varieties of our orchards that do not have this calibre that campaign well because its irrigation and growth has created a fruit of bigger size or that variety in concrete has fruits of bigger size and does not produce the calibre needed to be considered "baby" format.

That is why these natural treats are highly variable in terms of availability and that is always pointed out in the category or in the same product description.  


Clementine of high quality but small size

Baby clementine usually is the same variety of regular clementine we serve but in a small calibre.

This is always indicated in the category of mandarins or on the product itself. When harvesting clementine in many varieties we are left with small fruits in the tree which share the same quality that then bigger ones and are simply different due to their size. This smaller calibre usually was left on the tree since it was less "commercial" despite being good.

The offer we made was so successful that we decided to leave the product as one of our online greengrocers.

If you have children, for the elderly or simply enjoy eating smaller mandarins do not hesitate to try them.

Saturday, 07 January 2017
Jorge Sanz Martin
Wednesday, 24 February 2016
Pequeñitas pero riquísimas, en casa nos encantan
Maria Dolores Rodriguez
Friday, 12 December 2014
estan buenisimas.dulces y en casa se las comen que da gusto.nos encantan a todos
toñi carcelen
Friday, 14 November 2014
Valencia (Spain)

Why choose us?

- Natural fruit from Valencia
- No post-harvest residue
- Naturally sun-ripened
- Direct from the orchard
- Best price on the net

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