Orange and clementine from Valencia

The orchard besides offering delicious fruit leaves us some very beautiful landscapes in our environment located in the south of Valencia,(Spain), area with of long tradition in the citrus sector.

Farmer harvesting citrus trees

Fruit harvest

Harvesting takes place from Monday to Thursday in order to offer high quality fruit freshly picked.

Comenaranjas truck harvesting in the orchard

From the orchard to your house

Oranges and clementines are sent directly to your home the same day they are harvested.

The fruit is weighed in the orchard in a traditional way

Dedicated craftsmanship

The boxes are prepared and weighed one by one, you can choose size and quantity to your liking.

Care of orange trees in the Valencian orchard

Orange trees

Our orange trees receive special care throughout the year to provide quality throughout the campaign.

Orchards located in the south area of Valencia in Spain

100% from Valencia, Spain

Our oranges and clementines grow in the south orchard of Valencia.

Natural tangerine clementines from the orchard


Like our orange trees, these trees are kept and watched for all year round.

Field oranges harvested in box for shipping

Double selection

In the orchard the best pieces are selected for you and later in the warehouse is revised again.

Cultivation and care of new varieties

Traditional cultivation

We carry out the traditional cultivation but researching new techniques and varieties to offer the best of the orchard.


Some of our varieties of oranges and clementines

Clementines are known for their juicy flesh, they are seedless, easy to peel and contain lots of juice quality, not to mention the great taste.

We work exclusively with juice and table orange from the navel group table characterized by its deep colour orange, easy to peel rind and a sweet, intense and enjoyable taste. The aroma and presence is excellent, meeting all the internal properties of the best natural fruit and an outward appearance that make them the best oranges in the world.

Below we show some of the varieties that we have served but many new ones that arise and we introduce with some classic ones that reappear in different campaigns according to the quality of the harvest that previously we controlled.

Variety of clementine Clemenrubí


Variety of clementine Clemenules


Variety of clementine Oronules


Variety of hybrid mandarin Clemenvilla o Nova

Clemenvilla - Nova

Orange of the variety Navelina


Orange of the variety Navel Foyos

Navel Foyos

Orange of the variety Navel Lane Late

Navel Lane Late

Orange of the variety Navel Summer Chislett

Navel Chislett


Through our newsletter, news section and social networks we inform about any changes and details of the current variety that is always indicated in the product.

When the clementine campaign ends there are mandarin hybrids (mix or oranges and clementines with other citrus) also called mandarins. These hybrids often produce fruits of good size and very attractive reddish orange. The pulp has lots of juice and is rich in sugars and organic acids. The crust is very adherent to the pulp.


Guiding citrus table by season

  October November December January February March April May June



Lane-Late Lane-Late

Powell Chislett

Powell Chislett
Clementine Clemenrubí






We select only the varieties that we consider extra quality and suitable for sale of juice or table, differentiating these two in calibres and external appearance being table oranges always prettier and larger to offer a product 100% natural and appropriate for consumption .

In the upper table we show the approximate availability of the different varieties according to the month of the corresponding year.

Valencian oranges and clementines that we offer are harvested at their optimum point of ripeness, free from any kind of post-harvest chemical process and ripen in the sun naturally. We collect them in our fields and in orchards of farmers who collaborate with us in the south of Valencia in Spain (Torrente, Picaña). Our specialists always keep abreast of the latest varieties and the advances in cultivation techniques to offer them the best quality at the best price.

Why choose us?

- Natural fruit from Valencia
- No post-harvest residue
- Naturally sun-ripened
- Direct from the orchard
- Best price on the net

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