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Huge savings with comenaranjas


Comenaranjas proudly offers a discount system for every additional box to the same destination that allows you to save money when purchasing in greater quantities, but first let's look at what others do:


Let's take our product: Juice Oranges of 15 kg for Europe zone 1 & 2.

This is what others do:

1 box of juice oranges of 15 kg= 32 €

2 boxes of juice oranges of 15 kg= 64 € ????


As you see shipping costs are multiplied for the same destiny and there is no saving in buying 1 or more boxes. The customer pays this cost.



Save by buying several boxes of oranges and clementines to the same destination

This is what we do in Comenaranjas:


1 box of juice oranges 15 kg= 32 € (Final sales price - all included)

2 boxes of juice oranges of 15 kg= 64 € 54 €!! (Final sales price - all included) SAVING 10 € already

3 boxes of juice oranges of 15 kg= 96 € 78 €!! (Final sales price - all included) SAVING 18 € already


We apply this discount directly to our customers for buying more quantity, this is just an example but it happens with all our products and combinations, the more quantity you buy in your orders to the same destination the more discounts you get.


At Comenaranjas we always maintain the lowest prices offering the maximum quality to our customers and with that desire to continue doing it we work each day.


Why choose us?

- Natural fruit from Valencia
- No post-harvest residue
- Naturally sun-ripened
- Direct from the orchard
- Best price on the net

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